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Payment Policy



As part of Sharply Terms and Service, this document applies to users who have purchased the premium version (“Pro”) of Rockout, in all supported platforms. For more details, see: TOS


Water Coach offers a limited free version with basic features for users.

In addition, Rockout offers a premium version that includes a variety of different features, such as, full access to all games, advanced statistics, and comparison with other users, cross-platform experience and more. In order to use the premium version, the user has to purchase a subscription plan.



Subscription Plans


Water Coach offers several types of subscription plans differentiated by their period of auto-renewal (e.g. monthly, yearly subscription, lifetime, etc.), which users have to choose at the purchase date. Subscription plans get renewed automatically and paid in advance for the chosen subscription period. Auto-renewing subscription payment is conducted via Apple’s iTunes store for iOS users or Google Play store for Android users or Facebook App Center for Facebook users or Paypal for web users (“3rd parties”).

When a user pays via one of those 3rd parties above, he is subject to their Terms of Service.

In case of purchasing with a promotion, the renewal rate may be higher than the initial rate. Users can refer to My Account section to review details about the renewal amount and the date of the next renewal.




Refunds and Cancellation


Purchasing a subscription plan via one of the 3rd parties above will be subject to their refund policy. Water Coach is not able to process a refund. For any refund or cancellation request, contact the relevant customer service.

To modify or cancel your subscription, sign-in to your Apple, Google, Facebook or Paypal account, in accordance with the payment method.

For more details:








Pricing Changes


Water Coach subscription plans pricing can be changed. In this case of price change, Rockout will try to inform the user before it, to give him a chance to cancel or modify his account settings before it’s made. Water Coach is not responsible for any kind of losses user may incur by not acting for changing user’s subscription settings after Rockout has informed him of any changes to the pricing plan.




Sharply Services


Subscription plans grant you full access to Sharply services that exist at the purchasing date, as long as those services available.

Sharply services might change or stop in the future.

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